• Custom Music Composition

  • Having something composed uniquely for you is the best way to stand out in the crowd – it helps give you a unique identity and connects you with your audience at a much deeper level than run-of-the-mill ‘canned’ music.

    At Shoestring Studios we can bring our experience & success in the international arena to give you international quality compositions, recordings and production. When you need it to sound current and to hold its own anywhere, we can get it done. We’ve written for TV on internationally syndicated shows, plus for film (see The Stone Angel movie trailer above) and radio and we can bring that to your sound!

    We’ve relationships with great musicians and mix engineers to give you quality options all the through the process…

    No matter the budget, we can give you great bang for the buck, popping out of the speakers and grabbing attention for all the right reasons just when you need it.

    Get in touch, let us know what you’re looking for, and we’ll get right to work! We LOVE to compose and make music, so you won’t have to ask us twice!