• Sonic Logos

  • What does your Brand sound like?

    Most companies have visual logo guidelines, yet only a few have sonic guidelines.

    Sonic logos are the audio equivalent to a Visual Logo and are used to convey a memorable message to consumers.

    Sonic logos are commonly a short melody used at the beginning or end of commercials and used together with visual logos. This is perfect for companies seeking to engage with customers on a much deeper level.

    Associations and companies use sonic logos to grow public awareness of their brand.

    We create brand-based sound that works across brand channels such as advertising, retail, web, websites, new media, radio, mobile technology, powerpoint, television, software and events.

    Sonic logos intentionally employ the use of music, sound, voice and silence to create connections between people and organizations.

    Designed and used correctly (everywhere you can ),the  sonic logo can help your company or client reinforce it’s “top of mind” awareness.

    What’s in it for you?

    • Clarity in a crowded media market
    • Consistent presence across multiple touchpoints
    • Heightened emotional impact for your brand
    • Innovative, brand-based experiences
    • Tools that transcend borders and languages